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Patchwork Earth

Dance amongst the leylines

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A node of the Oneironet. Come here to role-play in the world of the Creative Commons comic "Lazy Metaphors."


Patch has never been sure if it's a real place, caused by a damaged multiverse, a dreamscape patterned after the online game he helped design in college, a melange of images from his book. And for the most part, it really doesn't matter. 'Cause it exists enough for us to see what happens there.

The entire plane of the world is cris-crossed with leylines. We can't see them, but they're there. And each "zone" created by these leylines is a tiny fragment of a world, a universe. So a small piece of downtown Portland might lie next to a section of the Old West on one side, a medieval realm of sorcery on another, perhaps also a steampunk realm populated by superhero monkeys... Infinite possibilities.

Some of the areas have been where they are for years. The borders are all but non-existent, as areas have warred, made peace, blended ecologically, been conquered, traded amongst, inter-bred... What is left is an amalgam culture. Time moves differently here. It's the only explanation for how the world's managed to blend together into what it is so quickly. Some areas have kept strict borders and are what they were when they appeared. And some are replaced, the magic converting what was there into crystal, crushed beneath the new realm and reduced to caverns, the souls of its inhabitants trapped by the magic, now a sort of walking dead--even as the new area adjusts to suddenly appearing in this strange quiltworld.

And there is more, too, including an adaptive online communication network and the one stable region, The Shining City... but enter and find it all out for yourself...