sex_bob_omb (sex_bob_omb) wrote in patchwork_earth,

Any landing you can walk away from...

"You know, it's funny." Scott clutched his side as he leaned against the flaming wreckage that had once been Cid's plane.

Cid cinched a bandage tight around Jaeger's head. The Finder was unconscious. Likely dying, though nobody was talking about it. He didn't say anything.

"Before we left? I found some papers... I guess Patch wrote them. They sounded like real PE ancient history stuff. Did you know there was a big crash... I guess it was this ship that went through the multiverse. And it crashed pretty bad. There was a book that was kinda sorta named after the ship. Called 'Tears of the Phoenix'..." He shrugged.

Cid lit a cigarette off of the fuselage.

"...That's not funny at all."
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