doubleda (doubleda) wrote in patchwork_earth,

Exodus / Exodus

Two-Face looked at his pair of minions, the two freaks who'd followed him to this strange world from Gotham. They'd managed to cause a great deal of trouble, most of it unnoticed by the general public... but it was because of an agreement brokered with Patch himself, one that had rankled the former DA from the beginning. Now, they knew it was time to go. Grundy said nothing, and Ridder was babbling about beetles and origami as he had for the past few months. He sighed and flipped his coin--idly.

"Wait for us!" Two mirror image women were running towards them, and Two-Face smiled. Siamese did not, however, get a chance to catch up with them, as everyone was vanishing already, returning to their respective worlds, restoring order. The other living Noh agents were as well, and those that had died in the battle for Kabuki were returning to the timestream, history rewinding, placing them back where they belonged. Only Ukiko Kai remained, still looking for her love Akemi, who had vanished as the struggles were ending. Would there ever be peace for them?
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