oilyhuman (oilyhuman) wrote in patchwork_earth,

Legitimate Business!

Blackrock surveyed the small stall his people had set up on the Island Malkulth, where tourists were zipping past on their way to explore the strange new world. It was a small beginning, but if there was one thing he knew, it was how to parlay a small business into a giant one. What was unusual for Blackrock was that the stall was offering clothes. A set of specially-designed gear, lightweight and with a number of pockets designed for PE necessities like Futurephones and Primers. In an array of designer colors and with custom logo work for an extra fee, he was already making a killing. It hadn't occurred to him yet how mostly-irrelevant money was on the nanotech utopia that was PE. He sat surveying his wares and waited for the inevitable familiar faces to stop by his shop.
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