Temperance Gomorrah Walker (feralpup) wrote in patchwork_earth,
Temperance Gomorrah Walker

The Wanderer

There have been whispers, lately, of a creature that wanders through during the night. It appears to be a woman wearing a corset style bodice and a top hat, black pants and boots. Around her neck is what looks like a dog's choke-chain with a tag attached to one end. "Temperance" carefully engraved in the little tag, and the only time the chain comes off is when she's about to wade into one form of violence or another...

Sometimes she stops, says hello, smiles before scampering away like a slap-shy puppy that's been abused too many times to know how to trust anyone. More often she can be seen in the bars, lingering near the back doorway, waiting for something... Usually she finds it, either in the form of a fight, which she seems to take an almost sexual delight in... or an interlude in the back alley which leaves her would-be lover with blueballs and a bit weak from bloodloss...

She never lingers once she has had her night's entertainment, and never visits the same bar or party twice in the same week, but predictibly she is there every night, hunting...
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